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LHAN 2021




August 26th - 28th 2021


A Special Thanks to all the people and businesses that made 2020's Lewiston's Hot August Nights possible!

We'd like to thank everyone for making 2020's Lewiston’s Hot August Nights an event to remember!

We had 289 beautiful cars, trucks, and motorcycles registered!

Lewiston's Hot August Nights couldn't happen without the following people and businesses.

Kiersten Barner
Chris Haddon
Mari Haddon
Angie Hall
Justin Hall
Will Napier
Will Rhodes
Robert Richards

Car Parkers
Ron Lee
Jess Hahn
Paul Kelley
Bob Kesler
Mike Ruark
Dennis Haven
Gregg Rudd
Ben Smith
Steve Stubblefield

Sunshine Disposal & Recycling

Krazy Kountry 4-H Club
Kassidy Cargill
Kaylee Cargill
Avery Lathen
Jackson Lathen
Bo Forman
Adison Johnson
Layla Johnson
Seth Albright
Breanna Albright
Anna Jo Albright
Wiley Wagner
RJ Wagner

Lewiston Eagles 631 Nez Perce
Leah Akin
Laurie Gallucci
Connie Hohman
Trista Lohrie

St. Joseph’s Family Hospice
Jessica Hundsrucker
Shanna Miller

A Special Thanks to our Major Sponsors

Our Major Sponsors play an integral role in bringing Lewiston's Hot August Night's to the valley every year.
You can thank them by  giving them your patronage!


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