People's Choice Award Winners

peoples choice cars and trucks
Cars & Trucks - Frank Morrison - Lewiston, Idaho
peoples choice motorcycles
Motorcycles: Dennis (Sam) Graham - Lewiston, Idaho

Class Award Winners

Antique Pre-1950

1st Place: James Morris - Winchester, ID

2nd Place: Dennis Havens - Asotin, WA

Street Rods

1st Place: Frank Morrison - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Scott McDonald - Meridian, ID

Auto 1950-1969

1st Place: Dave Keil - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Kelly Chamberlaine - Whitebird, ID

Auto 1970-Present

1st Place: Rod Mitchell - Coeur d'Alene

2nd Place: Timothy Weza - Clarkston, WA

Auto Custom or Modified 1950-1969

1st Place: Phillip Beirnes - Enumclaw, WA

2nd Place: Stan Clements - Payette, ID

Auto Custom or Modified 1970-Present

1st Place: Pete Cook - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Timothy Weza - Clarkston, WA

Sports Car and Compact: Import & Domestic - All Years

1st Place: Ashley Dahl - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Todd Heinz - Fruitland, ID

Pickup Original and Restored - All Years

1st Place: Tom Konen - Dayton, WA

2nd Place: Jereme Lee - Kamiah, ID

Pickup Custom or Modified

1st Place: Denny Pomerleau - Payette, ID

2nd Place: Mary Sweikert - Lewiston, ID

Mini Truck

1st Place: Nick Rogers - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Kylon Fleury - Lewiston, ID


1st Place: Jon Copeland - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Mark Edgar - Clarkston, WA

Rat Rods

1st Place: Gene and Debi Taylor - Clarkston, WA

2nd Place: Chris Cook - Clarkston, WA

Under Construction

1st Place: Michael Ruark - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Jess Hahn - Asotin, WA


1st Place: Bob Hoover & Jim Washam - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: John Magnuson - Lewiston, ID

Motorcycle Vintage 1946-1965

1st Place: Dennis Graham - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Rocky Mantese - Lewiston, ID

Motorcycle Vintage 1966-1979

1st Place: Mark Thomas - Clarkston, WA

2nd Place: Guy Jones - Lewiston, ID

Motorcycle Stock 1997-Newer

1st Place: Garry Nestler - Lewiston, ID

2nd Place: Ken & Melisa Goods - Asotin, WA

Motorcycle Custom 1997-Newer

1st Place: Kent Friede - Kendrick, ID

2nd Place: Redgey Pedersen - Culdesac, ID

Congratulations to all of this year's winners!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful vehicles with everyone!


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