FRIDAY AUGUST 25th 2017, 7PM-10PM

  • Enter Cruise at 13th and Main Street, by Dairy Queen, going west.
  • For pre-registered VIP CARS ONLY cruise from 7:00pm to 8:30 pm. *YOU MUST HAVE YOUR VIP PASS IN ORDER TO ENTER THE CRUISE. ONLY ENTRANCE IS FROM 13th and MAIN STREET.
  • Public cruise passes may be purchased at 8:30pm on the corner of 13th street and Main Street next to Dairy Queen for $10.00. Public cruise is from 8:30pm and cruise till 10:00pm. * No early admittance VIP passes may also cruise at this time. *NOTE: (PUBLIC CRUISE PASSES MAY NOT BE PURCHASED EARLIER THAN 8:30PM.)
  • To purchase a pass please pull up in your vehicle at 8:30pm on Main Street and the 13th Street intersection and hand the volunteer $10.00 and you will be given a cruise pass for the evening. Please place your pass on your rear view mirror and make sure it is visible.

Lewiston Police Department Warning
Burnout = Get Shut Out!

burnout equals get shut out