Volunteers Needed!

The Lewiston’s Hot August Nights committee would like to continue the tradition of giving back to the community by donating to non-profit and organizations right here in the LC Valley. The donation amount is dependent upon the number of volunteers, the number of hours worked and of course – the amount of revenue generated from registrations, t-shirt sales, and vendor registrations.  This event has been known for giving back to non-profit's and organizations, and we would like to keep this tradition going.

 For more information, please email: info@lewistonhan.com or call 208-743-6564 (Ext 240).

We currently have the following volunteer opportunities available.

  • Stuff Goody bags
  • Hanging up Banners
  • Hang up “No parking” posters
  • Clean-up
  • Coke Booths (2 booths)
  • Collect Ballots

 Stuff Goody bags: These bags will be given to people that have registered their cars. We will have over 350 bags to fill.

  • Tuesday August 20, time TBA, 10 volunteers.

 Hanging up Banners: We will need banners hung up in various locations such as Boomers' Garden, our Show & Shine event, and possibly other locations.

  • Friday August 23, 11AM-3PM, 8 volunteers

 Hang up “No parking” posters: We will need people to hang up "no parking" posters to help block off Main Street.

  • Friday August 23, 5PM-8PM, 4 volunteers

  Clean-up: (Must be able to pick up to 50 pounds, bags may be heavy.) Responsibilities include emptying/replacing bags in the garbage cans and doing a litter patrol thoughout the day. This is a very important volunteer group for us!

  • Friday Night Cruise, 7PM – 10:30PM, estimate that 6-8 volunteers needed
  • Saturday Show and Shine, 10AM – 5PM

 Coke Booths (2 booths): Responsibilities include set-up of products in the Coke booth, sales during the event times, clean-up of booth after event, and running ice to make sure drinks stay cold.

  • Friday Night Cruise, 4PM – 9PM, estimate that at least two volunteers needed during all times, maybe three or four during peak hours of 5PM-8PM – per booth
  • Saturday Show and Shine, 9AM – 5PM, estimate that at least two volunteers needed during all times, maybe three or four during peak hours of 11AM-3PM – per booth

 Collect Ballots: There will be people filling out voting ballots for the People's Choice Award and Official Participants in the remaining categories for Cars/Trucks/Motorcycles. We will need your help collecting these ballots.

  • Saturday August 24, 11AM-2PM, 2 volunteers.


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